3 Things to think about when starting a renovation project

Home Renovations can be very exciting and intimidating all at the same time. A lot of times we get our minds set on one thing and forget about some of the little things that can really make a house come alive. Here are a few things we like to think about before starting a renovation project:

Sometimes less is more.

Sometimes when we start a renovation project, we can be a little trigger happy and just start demolishing everything in site, with an end goal of a whole new room. In this case we are totally forgetting that a few cosmetic updates here and there can go a long way. A little paint here and a new light fixture there, can transform any room into something new.

Don’t Forget about the hallways

Hallways and other transition spaces are very important when considering a remodel or renovation. If you are able to work your hallways into your remodel plan the whole feel of the house will flow much better. You run the risk of a very disjointed home if you only focus on a specific room.

Functional and Beautiful

Cabinets can a nightmare in any renovation project. They are expensive and usually a pain to rip out and replace. However there are a couple, budget friendly tricks that can give your cabinets a new and unique look. Think about adding a little color or just replacing the doors so you don’t’ have to tear out an entire kitchen. With this simple trick it’s worth giving it a try before deciding to just rip them out altogether.

Now it’s time to start tackling that project you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you start with just one room, or decide to gut the entire interior, keep these tips in mind and you will breathe new life into your home.

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