Try it out before you commit

Have you been thinking about putting up a new backsplash? Or maybe trying a new color in the living room. A lot of people get really excited for a new look and they skip to how much does it cost and then straight to purchasing.

Consider taking a step back and testing things out before you fully commit. If you are looking to do a backsplash, buy a sample box of the tile and put a few pieces in place. For paint, just put a sample on the wall along the trim or a window to live with it for a couple days. We can’t tell you how many times people have purchased all the materials for a project only to change their mind.

As exciting as it can be to start a new home improvement project, we always recommend not going all in right away, if you don’t have to. Give it a week and if you still like it, then press on and enjoy your new look.

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